Stanislas van Wassenhove


Master at Law from the University of Louvain (1981).

Postgraduate degree in international relations of the University of Louvain (1982).

Member of the Brussels' bar since 1984.

He founded and has been managing partner of the Belgo-Luxemburg branch of CMS, in charge of the social law practice group and member of the executive committee of the CMS Alliance (1999-2012).

He has also been managing director of the Cercle du Lac in Louvain-La-Neuve (2013-2014). 

He is a partner of the firm. 

Specialist area

Stanislas van Wassenhove is a specialist in social law, especially on issues concerning company managers : ways of contractual collaboration, extralegal pension, governance, corporate social responsibility.

He also advises clients on restructuring of undertakings, collective relations, matters related to privacy, well being and security at work. 

Publications and other activities

He is a former President of the association of employment law experts "Association des Juristes Praticiens du Droit Social" (A.J.P.D.S.). 

He is the author of several books : on employment stimulation measures (2001), extralegal pensions (2003), use of new technologies at work (2010) and law firm management (2013). 

He has published numerous articles on employment law matters, social security and corporate social responsibility. 

He regularly speaks at seminars concerning ways of contractual collaboration, management salary, flexibility at work...

He teaches management to the trainee lawyers of the Brussels' bar, and at the LeaderSchool for managers.

He created the Summer University 'Trans-Mutation' in 2010.


French, Dutch, English

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