Ester Van Oostveldt


Master of Laws, graduated from Ghent University in 1999.

Lecturer at the Katholieke Hogeschool Zuid-West-Vlaanderen.

Ester Van Oostveldt also worked as an assistant at the Social Law Department of Ghent University from 1 September 1999 until 31 December 2004.

Lawyer with the Bar of Ghent since 1October 1999.

Partner in the firm since 1 October 2003.

Services Act

Ester Van Oostveldt forms part of the partnership “Van Eeckhoutte, Taquet & Clesse”. She is registered under enterprise number 0816.833.931.


Ester Van Oostveldt specialised in social security law.
Publications and other activities
Ester Van Oostveldt is the co-author of various social law publications, among which the annually published “Sociaal Compendium Socialezekerheidsrecht” and the “Sociaal Zakboekje” (2 issues per year).
She is also a contributor to SocialEye, an online database for social law specialists and HR professionals.
Ester Van Oostveldt is assistant editor of the International Encyclopaedia of Laws, tome Social Security Law, a publication featuring monographs on the social security legislation in various countries across the five continents.
She also published:
- Detachering van een zelfstandige, Or. 2001, 48-52.
- Het sociaal statuut van de meewerkende echtgenoot, T. Not. 2006, 661-672.


Dutch, French and English.

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