SoCompact, the Van Eeckhoutte, Taquet & Clesse newsletter, quickly and continuously brings you up to speed on any developments in social law companies should be aware of.

No lengthy spiels, but selectivity, to-the-point information and tips you will find invaluable. Concise, in other words. For more extensive technical documentation and the wider context, the newsletter comes with shortcuts that refer you to the relevant pages of the Social Compendium, a four-part work that covers close on 4,500 pages. It is the reference work on Belgian labour and social security law and is written and annually updated by the lawyers at Van Eeckhoutte, Taquet & Clesse.

A new edition of SoCompact, covering the recent evolutions of the past seven days, is published every week. The newsletter is finalised on Thursday evenings and the new edition is published on Friday mornings.

SoCompact is edited by Ann Taghon and Ester Van Oostveldt, lawyers at our firm.

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SoCompact 17/51-52

Opleidingsverplichtingen werkgevers verder uitgewerkt

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